Keepers of the faith

April 1, 2010

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April 1, 2010

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All the way over to the other side of the country and now were headed
right back. Justice woke my ass up when he decided to stop here and
I’m so glad he did. I haven’t felt the sun like this since last year.
We just stared and threw rocks down to the water for twenty minutes.
The rednecks that came before us left their marks. CRAZY WAYNE blazed the side of a cliff that overlooked the water. Mine would have said


March 26, 2010


March 26, 2010


March 19, 2010

DOWN TO NOTHINGのニューCDEP「All My Sons」のリリース日が4/14に決定!それに伴いリリースページ、バンドページ更新していますのでチェックよろしくお願い致します!

United Blood

March 19, 2010

United Blood is some Richmond shit. If you don’t know, now you know.

I first met Foster in North Carolina at a show I played with him and Blacklisted in 2005. He’s played in Frostbite, Cold World, and Blacklisted. We’ve spent time together all over the US and Europe because of our bands. We have even introduced a new progressive sport involving kicking a soccer ball as hard as you can in a pitch black kitchen/dining area, called “Dark Ball”. Not popular. Foster and Pickle started UB in 07 and have kept pushing it to what it is today. I’ve missed more tears than I’ve been now but I’ve got great memories. Here’s to hoping I will be home next year. Respect to both of them for their hard work.

How’s life?

Life is pretty great. Sometimes I get down and out on certain things
but when you really step aside and look at the big picture, I’ve got
it pretty good. I’ve got a great family, job and the best friends
anyone could ever ask for.

How did you get into hardcore?

I started off more into epitaph punk and blink-182 like alot of kids
in the late 90’s did. I was in a pop punk band when I was in 8th grade
and we started playing the same venues as the hardcore bands were
(cafe metropolis:homebase). I crossed paths with the likes of dan
mills, bobb mac, alex Russin etc and realized that I connected with
that scene and music specifically. The most specific memory I have of
getting into hardcore was when my high school friend Josh Anderson was
driving me home from school. He put on the first Kid Dynamite lp and I
was floored. I made him give it to me and I still have it to this day.
That was 12 years ago.

How did united blood come to be?

I moved to Richmond the fall of 2006 I
think and a bunch of our friends were talking about how great of an
idea it would be to have a spring break time fest in the city.
Richmond is centrally located on the coast and has what I believe the
best hardcore (and straightedge) scene in the world. Collin and I just
kinda made it happen. Initially we wanted SOIA and Madball to
headline. Madball is headlining this year so I guess we’ve
accomplished that.

Nearly in its fourth year how has UB progressed? Did you see it
lasting this long?

UB has progressed in such a positive way but also i feel like it’s
stayed within its boundaries.  I don’t think that it has gotten “too
big” ala Hellfest.  And i like it that way.  We don’t do sponsors,
nothing corporate.  Everything we do is by ourselves.  Fortunately we
have great friends who play in great bands and run great labels and
this fest sorta manages itself.  I really wasn’t sure that it would be
lasting as long as it has, but it’s cool that it has.  I’d like to
think that along withhis Is Hardcore and Sound and Fury, we’ve
become a household name in the hardcore festival department.

If you could re live one bands set from any past year what would it be?

Last year i watched the Cro-Mags set from the top of the bar on the
second floor and it was absolutely surreal.  I don’t believe to this
point that i’ve ever seen anything like that before.  It was like i
blinked and was seeing a Mags performance in 1989 at the Ritz.  All of
my friends front flipping onto one another across the stage.  Just
smiling the entire time.  Afterwards i had a few quick words with
Craig Ahead.  I said to him “I hope it wasn’t too crazy up on stage,
looked amazing from upstairs”..he responded “Man, reminded me of the
old times..HARDCORE”.  I kinda laughed at that and walked away, but i
imagine that’s what it was like.

Why has it become important?

I think United Blood has become important not so much for the show
itself but more for the atmosphere.  We’ve had the opportunity to book
United Blood at a bigger venue, to draw bigger bands like Hatebreed,
etc., but there is a vibe that AlleyKatz maintains that no other venue
can withstand.  If you have been to the fest you know exactly what i’m

Year Five? What’s the future?

Can’t tell what the future is now but I dont plan on stopping anytime
soon.  Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop. I’d love for H2O to play next year, we’ve tried for them and it just hasn’t worked out. I want Down to Nothing to play again. The first year they played was just so special for me.  I just want to provide a weekend every year where kids, friends, family can get
together and have a great time in Richmond, the best city in America.
Hardcore is my life. I’m trying to give back what’s been given to me.

United Blood is happening again on March 26th and 27th at Alley Katz in Richmond. Peep the jump for more info.

Alpha and Omega
Cruel Hand
Death Threat
Mother of Mercy
Paint it Black
Title Fight
True Colors
War Hungry
Wasted Time
Cold World
Concrete Reality
Fire & Ice
Free Spirit
Harms Way
Maximum Penalty
Mind Eraser
Rival Mob
Steel Nation
Swamp Thing

David Wood

March 14, 2010

Wrapping up the Rebellion Tour over here in Europe.  On 1 bus, we have Madball, Terror, Death Before Dishonor, and Cruel Hand. You got some merch dudes, a sound guy, some guitar techs, and some tour managers on it too. How does everyone fit? It’s a double decker bus. The whole upstairs is bunks, the whole downstairs is a small bathroom, kitchen/bar, and a big ass lounge with seats, tables, and a bangin iPod/Stereo system.  The first night popped off with everyone moshing in the lounge to Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, Killing Time, etc. A lot of drunk people, some weed smoke in the air, and some straight edge all raging. Bruises on bodies and faces, were left, and some vomit in the bathroom too.

Some nights are very chill on the bus, everyone just talking, chillin out to good music. Nick Jett is CONSTANT DJ with the iPod. Some nights we’re making rap songs, recording those new Nasty Posse tracks, that’s Genius Nick Jett behind all of that too.

A  lot of nights an amazing/awful game called Mafia is being played. No it’s not the facebook game, this is a real game that will ruin friendships.  Oh, when the bus hits a gas station in the middle of the night, all hell breaks loose. 20+ people walking into a store, forget about it.
   Some people like me, are up til about 7-9am every morning hanging downstairs and don’t wake up til about 4pm. Wake up, walk into the backstage lost, clueless, sleepy eyed, looking like human garbage, scavenge the left over catering food, eat dinner for your breakfast, play your set after only being awake a few hours, get back on the bus after the show and repeat.  Sometimes people go out and sight see during the day, but when it’s winter time, snowy outside, you’ve been to Europe over 10 times, and you don’t wake up in time to see the sunlight anyway, you don’t do shit but become a piece of shit.
  Good hang outs, amazing shows, lots of laughter, and celebration when finding a McDonalds(taste of freedom) is all a day in the life on the Rebellion Tour. And big shout out to the amazing opening band of the tour, The Setup. Check em out.

March 12, 2010

I think one of the first things Scott and I ever talked about was our love for movies. I can always count on him teling me what’s worth seeing. One of the only people I know that goes to the movies alone as much as I do. He wrote this for me probably doing the same thing I’m doing. Driving to the show. Right now he’s on tour in Europe with his band Terror. Get home safe. I love movies as much as I love hardcore.

I love going to the movies. I even go alone all the time. Its an escape from my reality. An easy way to forget my life. Phone off. Sit back and enjoy.
This is my list of must see movies. There are many more but these are the first to come to mind.

Shawshank Redemption. Most likely my favorite movie of all times. The ultimate revenge story. Done in a way the it stings even worse cause it was so perfectly planned over time. Morgan Freeman is so cool!!

Seven. Morgan Freeman again. This movie is an amazing crime thriller that keeps you on your toes from start to an insanely disturbing finish. Great plot and awesome cast.

Hoosiers. Set in Indiana, the basketball capital of the world. This movie is about a small town high school teams High and lows. Gene hackman is great in this one.

Meet the Parents. Whoever wrote this is a fucking Genius. So many twists and turns that all wrap into one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Watching Robert deniro play a roll like this is so cool. So off his path but does it perfect. And yes its true, Jordan Posner is Ben stiller in my world.

Good will hunting. Just see this If you haven’t. It will be one of the best 2 hours of your life.

Bad Boys. Not the Will Smith movie but the older Sean Penn movie. Set in Chicago this is about a youth detention center for boys and all the ills that come  with being locked up there. Very hard hitting and mean.

Into the Wild. Some people I know didn’t like this. I loved it. I can relate to wanting to just get free and not be so wrapped up in the society machine after touring so much. Amazing sound track too. This is about a kid after college donating all his money to charity and leaving home and walking the earth alone toward Alaska to get away from all things he hates in life.

Charlitos way. Sean Penn And Al Pacino bring us an amazing movie about a man getting out of prison trying to live a better life but his old ways and friends pull him back to the dark side of killing and coke sales. What’s more important friendship or your future?

Miracle. Very inspirational. Tear jerker. The 1980 USA Olympic hockey team facing off against Russia. Even non sports fans will love this. ” the name on the front of your jersey means a hell of a lot more then the name on the back” coach herb brooks

Princess bride. Fairy tale about true love and castles and sword fights. Kings and power. Trials and tribulations. This is a movie you can enjoy with your kids or cousins. I think me and my brother know every word to this movie.


The past few days..

February 5, 2010

the past few days have been so dope i cant even believe it. im loving europe this time around. the shows have been great. most notably these.

bochum germany

and rosswein

also im aware how this might look. i know this isnt a glorified twitter account where i can post pictures of what im eating or what toilet paper im wiping my ass with. im guilty of twitter but i want to use this for more. once upon a time i had print fanzine that i loved working on and putting together but time and resources arent gonna let me do another one anytime soon so this is the next best thing. i want to put up things my friends write and interviews and stories about stuff i love. not just bullshit about myself. i dont even like myself. really.

February 4, 2010

Austria and now on to the uk. Dirty seb put the sleepy heads up last night. I was fucking wrecked. Spent almost fifteen hours in the van driving to the london show last night. It was all worth it. That show was one to remember.